10 Great Hiking Trails In Utah and Arizona



Nature speaks to us in ways one cannot fathom. Arizona’s beautiful scenery and the landscape is one of them. Hiking around Arizona and Utah’s stunning terrain leaves a lasting impression. Some of the magical hiking trails may include.

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy’s Tom’s thumb trail.
This trail has a great view at the top that most residents love. It’s 4.2 miles up and back. It’s advisable to take it in the early mornings, especially on relatively warm days since it’s directly in the open sun. Toms’ thumb can be seen from the trailhead mimicking the look of a granite sail on a mountain.

Doe mountain trail
Sedona offers something for the loners and one of the easiest hiking trails with less strain. Its accessibility throughout the year makes it even better. One can stand on the mesa and look at the forests and mountains below, with a place to sit by yourself.

Prescott’s Watson lake loop trail.
If you like hiking by the side of the waters listening to the waves, this is your place of choice. It’s a 4.7-mile hike along the shore of the lake with its deep blue waters, with a touch of rocks and up to vantage look. 

The Wave, Paria canyon
A 5.5-mile hike characterizing a sandstone landscape, swirling orange and looks like a wave of stones. One of the most famous treks in Pariah that needs a coyote buttes north special permit.

Sedona’s cathedral rock
Despite being one of the energy vortexes in Sedona, it is also a great hiking site. It is a little steep, and certain points may need you to move on both hands and legs. It’s a 1mile hike culminating in spectacular views.

Bright Angel trail
It is found in the Grand Canyon and comes with multiple hiking opportunities. This ranges from over a day’s hike to half a mile hike to a day’s 12mile hike. This may be a little strenuous sometimes and not advisable for people afraid of heights.

Zion National Park
One of the greatest sites in this part is the narrows. This is a huge slot canyon down from the Virgin River. This is one of the park’s signature features, and one can hike as far as they desire.

Fairland loop
Offering a lengthier option to the Queen’s garden, and following ridges that create an 8-mile hiking trail, which creates a winding via a tower of hoodoos glowing in pink, orange and cream hues are the Fairland loop. Remarkable scenes include the china wall and tower bridge.

Escalante grand staircase national monument
Hiking this trail may take a day or more with the necessity of planning in advance. The trail incorporates multiple sceneries including waterfalls, Indian ruins and streams.

Arches National Park
The fiery furnace is one of the outstanding aspects of the park. It contains massive Redstone fins, a great attraction for the hikers. One requires a permit to get in.

This entails a glimpse of the incredible sites and trails one can visit in Arizona and Utah.

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