5 Excellent Hiking Socks for Your Next Excursion



Quality hiking socks provide incredible support and comfort and are a must have item while preparing for your next excursion. With so many hiking socks available it may be overwhelming to locate the proper pair. So, “Which ones are the best for hiking?” We found five excellent hiking socks for your next hiking trip. Below is a list of the top hiking socks presently in the market, as recommended by REI. Recreational Equipment, Inc., or REI, is an outdoor and retail recreation services corporation in America.

Meriwool Merino Crew

They’re excellent wool blend socks for all high-intensity outdoorsy people who are going to be on their feet for lengthy time periods. Whether it is for intense hiking or additional sports where your feet are going to take a pounding, you should absolutely consider these Meriwool Merino Hiking Socks. The 75 percent merino wool blend keeps you comfortable, the 15 percent nylon will decrease wear and tear, and 10 percent elastic keeps the socks from becoming loose.

Icebreaker Hike + Mid Crew

These crew socks are mainly constructed with merino wool, provide a good bit of warmth, and offer a mid-level cushioning, making them an ideal option for long hikes during any time of the year. Icebreaker Hike + Mid Crew socks provide achilles support that helps keep them in place along with instep and ankle support that helps with stability and fit. Its reinforced heel and toe enhance durability and strength while its seamless toe closure may prevent blisters and decrease bulk.

Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion

These feature a medium cushioning level which may provide miles of comfort and durability. Its merino wool contributes to its comfort and durability. Its wool is moisture-wicking while additionally being breathable, regulating temperatures. These socks are available with elastic support that surrounds their arch and reinforcement at the heels and toes.

Darn Tough Quarter Cushion

This sock offers a mid-level cushion density and is mainly constructed of merino wool. It has been made with an undetectable seam fusion, as well as to provide high performance without blistering your feet, bunching or slipping. They have become some of the top hiking items for sweaty feet because of their fast-action wicking that pulls moisture away from skin and permits them to quick dry. In conjunction with that, the socks are antimicrobial; therefore, they repel bacteria and odor.

Smartwool PhD Light Crew

These socks boast an Indestructawool technology that offers merino wool placement, as well as permits users to experience the peak of durability. The sock’s Elite Fit system features two elastics so you are going to get better recovery and stretch that helps the sock remain in place. Its fibers have been reinforced as needed to improve durability and comfort. Also, they feature an impressive mesh that assists in maximizing moisture management, thermoregulation, as well as breathability.

So before you head out on your next hike, be sure to pick up a pair or two of some of these excellent socks. Your feet will thank you for it!

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