5 Incredible Camping Spots For Those Who Want To Be Close To Civilization



Are you looking for the best place where you can go camping near a city? There are several locations across the country where you can take a few minutes to drive and enjoy a camping experience. Many people across the country would like to get the best places where they can escape shortly before they return to the busy schedule. There are several places near major cities across the United States. Different camping sites will have different activities. 

1. New York at Floyd Bennett Field
If you stay near the city, you can retrieve the camp and enjoy your time. Floyd Banned field is just 19 miles away. There are several people at the location, making it easy for you to enjoy the best experience. There are several things you can do at the location. For example, you can enjoy using a wagon to haul your luggage or carry them on a backpack. 

2. Philadelphia Tinicum Park
Apart from the several campsites that are close by in San Francisco, you can also visit the park in Philadelphia and get to enjoy your camping adventure. The campground comes with several things to enjoy. The 165 mile multiuse D&L trail passes near the campsite. You can plan a hiking trail then retire to the campsite where you will get to enjoy your outdoor adventure. The location can be the best place where you will go and enjoy historic strictures. A golf course and polo field nearby makes it the perfect place you can go and get to interact with other people.

3. Chicago Camp Bullfrog Lake
The campsite is just 22 miles from the city. Even if you are too busy in your everyday life, you can spare a few minutes to visit the location and interact with other people. Several people in the location are ready to engage in different adventures. A 15,000 acre oasis forms a major attraction at the location. You can lend a binocular among other camping gear to enjoy your summer at the location. It is a famous location that receives a lot of booking each day.

4. Lake Houston Wilderness Park
If you stay near Houston, then you may have heard of the location. It is an attractive lakeside where you can goad n enjoy your camping adventure. Horse rides and bikes at the location make it a great place where you can visit with family members and get to enjoy your free time. The quiet stretch makes it the perfect place where you can go and get to enjoy your free time to the fullest.

5. Nashville J. Percy Priest Lake
It is another location where you can enjoy camping near the city. It is just 16 miles from the city. Many people flock to the destination to enjoy their free time. You can easily manage stress after visiting the location. The destination has a lot of activities you can get involved. 

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