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10 Soft Baits You Need to Add to Your TackleBox Now

  Very many people have tackle boxes with very few actual and tried plastic worms. Do you need more baits in your tacklebox? Below is a list of 10 soft baits for bass fishing and they include jerk shades, swimbaits, crawls and soft plastic worms among others. Yamamoto Senko Bait – This is the most […]


How To Choose The Right Type Of Fishing Hook

  Fishing is more than a popular pastime, to many people, it’s a bonding experience between dads and their kids or between friends. Choosing the right hook depends on both the species of fish and the fishing environment. Below, we describe the different types of fishing hooks and how to select the right one for […]


Proven Techniques To Catch More Fall Bass

  Fishing is one of the biggest sports and forms of food. It is a fun thing to do with kids and the boys for a fun day out. While most people say the fall is one of the best times to clean out the boat, however, it is one of the best times to […]


5 Can’t Miss Ice Fishing Spots

  Ice fishing has become an increasingly popular and accessible winter sport. It is a unique and enjoyable activity for both seasoned anglers and first timers. All you need is to put on plenty of warm clothing, a fishing pole, and a rented or borrowed auger to break the ice and have your ice fishing […]


The Best Selling Fly-Fishing Reels Of 2020

  The fly-fishing reels that you use may not be as important as other pieces of fishing gear you use, but they determine how successful you are at fly fishing. It is integral to you catching the fish you are after and the different factors associated with each reel dictate how easy it might be. […]

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