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How To Prepare For A High Altitude Hike

  From the breathtaking, high-ridge panorama to the calm waters, a hiking experience should provide you with some of the most vibrant scenery you have come across. There are exhilarating experiences. However, none comes close to the feeling of sampling the crisp mountain air and the inevitable mishaps that remain etched in memories for years […]


10 Great Hiking Trails In Utah and Arizona

  Nature speaks to us in ways one cannot fathom. Arizona’s beautiful scenery and the landscape is one of them. Hiking around Arizona and Utah’s stunning terrain leaves a lasting impression. Some of the magical hiking trails may include. McDowell Sonoran Conservancy’s Tom’s thumb trail. This trail has a great view at the top that […]


Top Reasons To Bring A Map And Compass While Hiking

  In the past, someone going hiking could navigate his or her environment with ease. They knew where they were and what direction they were heading. Specific items such as a map and compass would enable them to figure out where they were relative to something else entirely. The angle of the light could tell […]


5 Tips On How To Stay Safe While Hiking

  Spending time outdoors is a great way to rejuvenate and connect with nature. Hiking in the wilderness is a thrilling adventure that even first-timers are bound to enjoy. Even though hiking is fun most of the time, there is a huge possibility of things going wrong during your trip. To minimize the chances of […]


5 Excellent Hiking Socks for Your Next Excursion

  Quality hiking socks provide incredible support and comfort and are a must have item while preparing for your next excursion. With so many hiking socks available it may be overwhelming to locate the proper pair. So, “Which ones are the best for hiking?” We found five excellent hiking socks for your next hiking trip. […]

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