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Top Places To Go Elk Hunting In The West

  Elk are one of the most desirable game animals in the U.S. People travel hundreds of miles and invest thousands of dollars just to get the opportunity to shoot one of these 700 pound trophies. There are several types of elk in the U.S., mostly located in the western states near the Rocky Mountains. […]


Expert Tips For Buying A Used Boat

  Have you ever thought about getting your own boat? While it’s an enchanting idea, you have to recognize what the actual investment of money and time is. Purchasing a used model can help reduce the sticker label shock. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 60 percent of first-time purchasers buy a used boat. […]


How Hunters Can Help Improve Conservation Efforts In Their State

  Hunters spend over $3 billion a year for conservation, and head out on public lands to help increase wild animal populations. Exactly How Hunters Conserve Elk Before Europeans settled in America, 10 million elk lived here, however agriculture, uncontrolled hunting, environmental conditions, dramatically lowered their population. In 1914, there were just 41,000 elk left, […]


Top New Spincaster Reels of 2020

  Spincaster reels are popular since they are easy to use, in abundance, and a breeze to store. While they may seem foreign and complicated to you, you will quickly discover how easy they are to fish with. While they may not look as glamorous as open face spinning reels or baitcasting reels they’re definitely […]


2020s Best Selling Fishing Gear To Own Now

  Since Christmas is nowhere near close, go ahead and treat yourself. Summer is here and you are entitled to a brand-new rod, some camping gear, new lures and other fun stuff. To make sure you buy the right stuff, we’ve assembled some the coolest, smartest, most innovative fishing items for 2020.  Sage X Fly-Rod […]


Getting Started With Boating And How To Operate A Boat

  Insuring Your Boat Before you do anything with your new boat, get it insured. Insurance is an obligation and protects you from damages to the boat. A policy with details fuel-spill obligation protects you from clean-up cases or third-party damages brought on by the unexpected discharge of oil or gas, if you watercraft were […]


This Year’s Best Hiking Boots For Men And Women

  2020’s top hiking boots to keep your feet comfortable no matter how far you travel. Salewa MTN Trainer Lite Mid GTX This is a boot that does it all. With true to size fitting and a lightweight suede and mesh construction that doesn’t require breaking in, the MTN is great for mellow hikes. At […]


The 5 Best New Shotguns For Upland Bird Hunting

  In upland hunting, you take the fight to the birds. You meet them on their turf and on their terms and often times you’re going to do a lot of walking to get there. A lightweight shotgun that places swiftly, swings well, and most importantly, can be pleasantly carried throughout the day is vital […]

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