Common Whitetail Deer Hunting Mistakes And How To Fix Them



Mistakes are just something we do as humans. However, in order to become better hunters we have to both recognize the mistakes that we make and develop a plan to fix them or make them better. Here are five of the most common mistakes made when whitetail deer hunting. Kep an eye out for them and correct your behavior to be the best hunter that you can be.

1. You Rattle Too Softly
Even beginners at the sport of whitetail deer hunting know the importance of “rattling” to attract bucks. It can mimic the sound of two bucks engaged in conflict. It can attract bucks who are curious so it is better when done early in the hunting season, when deer are less skittish. Making a loud sound might seem counterintuitive, scaring off the wild bucks. However, loud rattling will gather more bucks from far and wide.

2. You Rely Exclusively on a “Funnel”
While a funnel is useful sometimes, it can fail to return results just as often. If you are hoping for a mature white-tail, a funnel will almost certainly fail. Mature and experienced specimens will take an alternate route no matter how arduous it is. They are more likely to leave the easier road for a yearling or a weaker creature. Switch up your whitetail deer hunting route.

3. You Scare Deer Out of Your “Best Areas” Too Quickly
We all love the idea of a “no fail” whitetail deer hunting spot. However, far too many hunters visit these places before the time is right and scare all of the game away. It is better to wait for the conditions to be ideal and have a lot of animals gather in a place before you storm in. A prime spot may not stay the best choice through a season if you visit it too often.

4. You Fall Into a Routine Too Quickly
We all know the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, this does not always translate to hunting. If a place or a strategy proves useful, it is common for hunters to return over and over again. The thing is, just as you settle into a routine, the bucks will learn it as well. They will learn where and when you are likely to pursue further success which will make it harder to grasp. In order to bring down the buck of your dreams, you have to not be predictable.

5. You Stick to Large Public Parcels
Very often, whitetail deer hunting is done on land that is broken up into public parcels. These are often anywhere from 80 to 1,200 acres of public hunting ground. A lot of whitetail deer hunting is done on the very large pieces of land and hunters can neglect the smaller parcels. If a piece of land is very large, you probably have a lot of competition and whitetails have learned to avoid them. Try asking permission to hunt on private land too to yield some better opportunities.

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