Essential Survival Gear If You Get Lost In The Wilderness



In terms of survival, it’s important to be ready for the unpredictable. Especially for the time when you are lost and don’t know where you are. You will need equipment to help you navigate, eat, and survive the days and nights that aren’t in places you are familiar with.
Here are some of the things you will need as a survivalist in case you become lost in the outdoors.

#1 Tarp
The Tarp is going be usually the lightest item that you will have in this list of items. You will need one because it can be used for shelter purposes. It can also be used as a shield for your body when the weather conditions aren’t in your favor.

The tarp has a multifunctional purpose unlike a heavy tent. It can be used both for clothing and shelter. There are different types of shelter that you can form with as well; unlike the traditional tent. From a typical frame, to a fly, and envelope, you can form it any way you want to the ability of comfort.

#2 First Aid Kit
The First Aid Kit should always be with you at all times. Again, anything can happen out in the outdoors. For example, you can be walking around, trying to find the nearest water reservoir and then all of sudden trip and fall. All of sudden, you have a couple scrapes and bruises.

Without the first aid kit, you will be left with open wounds, which can lead to numerous painful bacterial infections. To prevent this you should have bandages, rubbing alcohol, and Dressing. All of these are key items that should be in the kit to be ready for anything that happens while you are lost.

#3 Knife
A Knife should be another tool that should be with you at all times. The best one that is out there is the Carbon Steel Knife that is high-quality. You should have one that is sharp; one that is good enough to cut trees, hunting, and fending yourself from savage attacks from anything that comes in your way. You should also have a sheath for the tool to prevent any sort of accident that occurs went it’s on your belt side.

#4 Fire starter materials
Fire is the most important element to survival. You should always have fire starter materials with you to keep warm during the cold nights in the outdoors. Fire serves many purposes. It can be used for heating up water to remove any germs, cooking, and keeping yourself warm. Three types of fire starting materials that exists out there is the O ring, Striker, and the traditional lighter. The lighter will be the easiest to use when you are trying to light up a fire. It’s always important to have options when it comes to starting a fire while you’re lost. 

No one plans on getting lost in the woods, but everyone should take precautions just in case. With these items you will be ready for anything and survive to live another day.

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