How To Make A Great Camp Fire



There’s something exciting and enthralling about roaring flames, particularly when you add happy people, music, animated conversations and low temperatures into the picture. Camp fires also give as a sense of security, ignite powerful stories and even allow us to cook food while enjoying ourselves.

Knowing how to build a good camp fire is therefore an essential life skill that you shouldn’t go another day without, but the good news is that it is one skill that is very simple to learn. Here are the steps you need to take to make a great camp fire:

Make a fire bed
Safety comes first when building a fire. Select a site that is away from bushes and trees and clear any leaves or grasses on the ground. Gather the soil in and form a “platform” at the center of your designated spot. It should be about 4 inches wide.

Gather enough burning material
There are three basic types of materials you will require: kindling, fuel wood and tinder. Tinder is the material that burns fast, and includes things like wood shavings, dry leaves and dry bark. Kindling is the material that keeps the fire burning, and consists of small branches and twigs. Fuel wood helps in keeping the fire hot and burning, and often consists of larger branches or dry wood that is roughly the size of your arm. When you gather all these materials, move to the next step.

Lay the fire

Option 1
• Get a long and firm piece of kindling and stick it into the ground at an angle of roughly 30 degrees. Make sure the end of the kindling is pointing into the wind.
• Put a bundle of tinder below the support stick.
• Put a few pieces of kindling around the tinder nest.
• Place enough pieces of the same material against the stick that you stuck in the ground, and then add another layer with bigger pieces.
• Light up the tinder and enjoy!

Option 2
• Put your pieces of tinder on the ground and form a teepee with a few kindling. Note the side the wind is blowing against and create an opening on the teepee on that side.
• Keep adding the material to your teepee, making sure to work your way up to small twigs.
• Create a bigger teepee structure or wood arrangement with fuel wood.
• Put a match below the tinder and watch the flame rise all the way to the fuel wood.
• When the teepee structure falls, add fuel logs to the fire and enjoy!

There are other options as well as to how you design and build the wood structure. Research a few more before heading out to decide which one makes the most sense for you.

Put out the fire
When you’re done with the fire, grab a bucket full of water and sprinkle it over the fire. Avoid pouring it because doing so can flood the pit and deny someone else the chance to use it. As you sprinkle the water, stir the embers with a stick to make sure the ashes get wet.

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