Outdoor Camping Lights And Their Uses



When is the last time you went camping without outdoor lighting? Campfires can be fun, but lighting up a campsite properly and safely may require electronic light use. Our door lights come in many varieties so the best way to choose the right light for your trip is to consider what kind of trip you are intending. If you are camping in an open landscape, your lights for the trip may differ from camping near a lake. Let’s look at some different outdoor light options and their uses.

Solar Lights
On a camping trip, it is not always practical to carry a generator or big enough to bring battery back up to power our door lights for more than a few hours. It is important to use lights that have compact batteries that are easy to change or recharge. Another great option is to find solar-powered camping lights. Solar lights can charge during the day and used at night.

No matter the trip, everyone should carry a LED flashlight with them. LED flashlights have longer battery life and are very handy. Though they may not light of a campsite, they can get you to safety or help you find smaller items in the dark. Glow sticks can stand in as temporary back-up lights if needed; however, their light intensity is not as strong as a flashlight.

LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights can be practical lights, and they can also set a mood. LEDs are bright lights that use less power (wattage) while producing consistent bright light. If you are on a camping trip for a special occasion, LED strip lights can have a multitude of uses by having a variety of settings. LED strip lights are often on a flexible base, making them easy to move around the campsite. Someone can easily place LED strip lights around tents or trees. They help make a safe path around the campsite.

Flood Lighting
Floodlights are necessary when camping near water or traveling over water. Warm air and moisture can cause foggy day or night (this is a sign there is water nearby). During a camping trip, floodlights are bright enough to light up a large campsite; however, it is best to use floodlights for their intended purpose. You will want to conserve battery life in case of an emergency or chose ones that can be run from your vehicle.

People often use a variety of portable lights as camping lights. It is best to choose one that is durable enough to last during your trips. The best way to pick camping lights is to start small and consider where you are camping. When camping near bodies of water or dense forest, fog lights and large LED lights may be the best option. Depending on the amount of moonlight and starlight you are receiving, you can use a less intense light while camping in a wide open space. Every trip should contain emergency battery powered lights and flashlights. 

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