Preserve The Outdoors By Helping Conservation Efforts



Hunting is an healthy activity that can be enjoyed solo or with friends and family members. Unfortunately, many hunting areas are no longer the same as a result of the actions of a few bad apples. As such, hunting areas have been on the decline. In some instances, individuals have left an abundance of toxic materials that lead to the shutdown of said area. In some instances, people have disturbed the natural environment of prey and forced them to mass migrate. But, there are several things you as an individual can to preserve the outdoors by participating in forest conservation efforts.

1) Bring Snacks In Reusable Containers
One of the best ways you can save money and contribute to the outdoor conservation effort is to bring your own homemade snacks or bring store bought snacks in a reusable container. By doing this you cut down on waste as well as to save money. By planning ahead, you can more than likely use local ingredients which will furthermore help your efforts to have a more positive impact on the environment.

2) Leave Nothing Behind
Leave absolutely nothing behind. Whether it may be snack wrappings, shell casings, an arrow that went too far, ensure that you don’t leave trash lying around. While it may seem obvious you will come to realize that some hunters do not hold these values. But, if you find trash left by someone else, consider the possibility of throwing it away as well.

3) Keep Water Sources Free Of Contaminants
Wild game like ducks unlimited and trout unlimited loves all sources of water and gravitates towards them. But, if you wash camping/hunting gear in said body of water it can lead to the leakage of harmful contaminates such as soap. Therefore, it’s recommended that if you have to use the bathroom or wash something, do it at least 100 – 150 feet from water sources.

4) Fire Maintenance
It goes without saying that the planet as a whole is experiencing more forest fires than ever. A vast majority of these forest fires are human caused fires which stem from a lack of proper fire maintenance. It is common for hunters and campers to start a fire and fall asleep, as to which they wake up to an inferno. Wind direction and speed is constantly changing. Therefore, keep fires small, put it out before you fall asleep and ensure that it’s completely put out, once you’re finished.

5) Stay In The Area
By going outside the hunting area or trail, your foot traffic can cause significant damages to vulnerable wildlife. Why? By widening trails, you cause washouts and multiple people will follow new trials you have made.

6) Do Not Take Naturally Occurring Items
Obviously brining your catch for food home with you is completely fine. But when you’re out in the wild you may be tempted to take plants, rocks or even baby animals as ‘mementos’. One of the most effective things you can do to preserve the outdoors is to leave everything as is and only take photos of whatever it is that sparks your interest. 

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