Proven Techniques To Catch More Fall Bass



Fishing is one of the biggest sports and forms of food. It is a fun thing to do with kids and the boys for a fun day out. While most people say the fall is one of the best times to clean out the boat, however, it is one of the best times to rake in the bass. If you are looking to make some great fishing memories, here are some of the best tips to help you through.

Utilize the shallow and mid-depth areas
The bass frequent the shallow and mid-depth waters in the fall. You are most likely to get the largest bass along the creek channels, so fishing shallow is a technique you should consider. The bass moves to these areas because they feed on the crawfish that move to these spots in the fall. The spots usually have clear waters and if dirty, a 1-3-foot square bill will do an incredible job of getting your fish hooked. Before you start fishing in the fall, you need to note that there is not as much fish as there usually is in the spring. In the same way, you need to check the temperatures since bass favors 50-degree waters. Depending on where you live, you might experience the degrees in winter and not fall, so ensure that you know your areas. Ensure that you cast your net or hook in a place where there is a school of fish. Homing in on the school of fish will provide you with a better target and an assurance of taking something home.

Understand your Baiting game
One of the best ways to catch the fall bass is to use a jig. As mentioned, covering more water ensures that you have a big playing field. Depending on the amount of water you want to cover, you can decide the kind of jig you prefer. If the day happens to be sunny, you can use some bright jigs while cloudy days require white and gray scales. In places where the rivers meet the lakes and ponds, you have a better shot at getting some large bass.

Types of baits to consider using are important because bait presentation matters and this includes the lipless crankbaits because they catch as many basses as they catch the fish as they gang up on the shoals of crawfish and shad. Alternatively, you can use the spinnerbaits as they help you stay on top of your game. While crankbaits might dip too low in the shallow water, the spinnerbaits stay afloat and catch the bass in the shallow water. Ensure that you use single silver blades for foggy and use double blades if the water is clear.

Lastly, consider rubber worms because they are classic and work well for a lot of water. Slow down with the presentation and ensure it is the right size. Fall fishing is fun if you use the right technique and tools. Take your buddies or your kids and have a great time.

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