The Best Selling Fly-Fishing Reels Of 2020



The fly-fishing reels that you use may not be as important as other pieces of fishing gear you use, but they determine how successful you are at fly fishing. It is integral to you catching the fish you are after and the different factors associated with each reel dictate how easy it might be. Choosing a quality reel can make more of a difference than you might suspect so we are profiling the best selling ones to help guide you into a reel for your next fishing trip.

1. Orvis Hydros SL
This brand of fly-fishing reels is noted for their technological prowess, including the quality of their materials and how quickly they can retrieve the fish on the end of your line. While the drag knob of this model is regarded as being awkward, this Orvis reel is known for being good at pursuing bass. It is not only durable and will last you for many seasons but it is also the lightest reel in its class. This reel is perfect for beginners and those who want to focus on bass fishing alike.

2. Maxcatch ECO
This fly-fishing reel is considered the best value for your money. Not only are they perfect for those looking to set up a fly-fishing kit on a budget but they are stellar for beginners who do not want to invest a lot in a new hobby. With a lot of reels, “you get what you pay for”. However, many consumers have noted that their Maxcatch fly-fishing reels last them for years and does not set them back a huge amount. With a range of weights, this reel can fit into any fly-fishing kit.

3. Sage Spectrum Max
Much like the Orvis reels, this brand is known for their superior materials and best-in-class drag mechanisms. Sage is also known for producing the best fishing equipment on the market today. These fly-fishing reels feature comfortable ergonomics and great handling. They are great for fishing for many types of fish, from salmon to bass. Sage not only makes the best rods on the market but they also make the greatest reels. They are completely worth the initial investment.

4. Redington Behemoth
This reel features a construction of die-cast aluminum which is not the best pick for most serious fishermen. However, this reel’s lack of “machining” in no way sacrifices quality. It has some of the greatest drag features of any reel available for purchase today. While the drag mechanisms are some of the best, experts do say that the spool knob can feel wobbly. While it can be used to great effect on freshwater, it is best for saltwater fly-fishing.

5. Piscifun Platte
The titanium frames of these fly-fishing reels make them lightweight but durable. It is widely considered to be one of the best of the midrange reels. This reel is designed for use in saltwater, featuring a fully encased drag system. While this reel is modestly priced, it can easily compete with more expensive fly-fishing reels. 

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