Top Spots To Hunt Elk In Colorado



Colorado has more than two hundred and fifty thousand elk enclosed within its borders. It also has more than 40 percent of the entire country’s population of elk. Elk hunting takes place far from the highways, and it is essential to be in peak physical condition while tracking after this elusive game animal. This kind of sport is not guaranteed to leave you with something in the freezer, no matter how much effort you put. To get started, you need a backpack and comfortable boots to save you the pressure of standing and walking for many hours. Below are the five best spots to try hunting elk in Colorado.

Unit 74.
This area extends to the counties of San Juan and La Plata. Eighty-five percent of the land of this area is public. To hunt in the other private land requires other hunters’ acknowledgment. The probability of success in this public area is about twenty-one percent. This unit takes the top twenty numbers in merit consistently for success in harvesting and the rates. Hunting in this unit is likely to be more successful in the 2nd and 3rd riffle seasons. The total harvest is around a hundred.

Unit 65.
The unit goes over to the counties of Gunnison, Montrose, Hinsdale, and Ouray. Hunting time in unit 65 entirely depends on the snowfall, and the bull ratio is 1 to 5. The elk population in this unit is increasing, resulting in an increased success rate of hunting to over twenty-two percent. The record of harvest as of 2015 was ninety-five. The unit is too vast to an extent; if you want to reach the elk-which is deep inside, you will need to persevere not less than two hours walk. The perfect hunting time for elk in this unit is their feeding time.

Unit 13.
This unit’s location is Upper Yampa with a one is to four bull to cow ratio, forty-one percent success rate, and harvest number 133, all because most of the land is private. Hunting is perfect in this game management during the season’s third rifle and archery. Besides the unit’s high deer and elk population, there are steep gulches and canyons that archery hunters use frequently.

Unit 22.
The location of the unit management is Piceance in Colorado. Hunting is peak during archery season, bull to cow ratio1:5. As in 2015, the total number of harvests was 84. There are gas station companies in the public area that obstruct the hunting activity. Bowhunting is a good option because the elk hide from the heat at the lowest parts of unit 22. The area habituates bear, so hunters should avoid scents, and even body sprays to prevent attacks.

Unit 11.
The location of the unit is in Lower Yampa, with a bull to cow ratio of 1:4. As of 2015, the total harvest is 57, hunting best in 1st and 2nd riffle. The success of hunting is determined by snowfall. Archery hunting is a bad idea in this game management. Hunting of success rate is twenty-three percent.

In conclusion, the game is risky, and to be safe is better than to be sorry; carrying pepper spray is essential, caliber guns to protect yourself against more giant animals. 

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